EMT Deluxe Responder First Aid Kit

1 x Saline Solution
1 x Spill Clean Up Kit
1 x Petroleum Dressing

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1 x Saline Solution, 1 x Spill Clean Up Kit, 1 x Petroleum Dressing, 1 x Eye Wash, 2 x Sterile Eye Pads, 6 x Eye Cups, 10 x Sting Relief Wipes, 3 x Elastic Bandages, 1 x Pressure Dressing,
1 x Berman Airway Kit, 1 x Adult Bag Valve Mask, 1 x Child CPR Mask, 1 x Antiseptic Bio Hand Cleaner, 1 x Sam Splint, 1 x Finger Splint, 10 x Tongue Depressors, 1 x Cervical Collar, Adjustable, 1 x Light Stick, 1 x Tweezer, 1 x Hemostat, 1 x EMT Shear, 2 x First Aid Tapes, 2 x Triangular Bandages, 6 x Gauze Roll Bandages, 30 x Gauze Dressing Pads, 2 x Trauma Pads,
1 x Trauma Dressing, 1 x Burn Dressing, 1 x Burn Sheet, 3 x Burn Gel, 1 x Insta Glucose, 3 x Eye Shields/ Face Masks, 2 x Coflex Bandages


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