Situational Awareness Training

What is Situational Awareness Training? Situational awareness training improves someone’s perception of environmental elements and events, comprehending their meaning, and projecting their future status.

1st Person Shooter Education

Learn some experts on how to take control of a situation, whether at school, workplace or in the community. We will teach you the tactics to run, hide and fight the perpetrator. We will also explore how to build a program to spot people in need before acting.

Disaster Triage System

Our team will show you how to set up a triage command post to deal with small to super site events. We will help you set up the system with your organization or business that lets you engage your team to be able to handle any disaster.

Leadership Gold, a 10 week Mastermind Class

The MasterMind Group meets once a week for one hour over 10 weeks as we study the book “Leadership Gold” by John C. Maxwell. The meetings are confidential and run professionally with a curriculum, complete respect for each participant’s privacy, and complete respect for each participant’s time.

Have us to speak at your event

We specialize in mentoring individuals and groups who aspire to excel in the areas of leadership, professional development, and personal growth. Using the John Maxwell program.  

Corporate Volunteer Culture Program

Building a culture of volunteering within your company will create a better, safer work environment. By volunteering, your employees will be exposed to a new environment and opportunities, and you’ll bring back a new sense of purpose and motivation to your company. 

Community Preparedness Programs

You will learn how to assess damages from white to medium and total waste. Learn how to set up a command post and delegate responsibilities, communications, and victim rescue.

First Aid and EMR Training

Instructor lead EMR training.  Starting with blood-borne pathogens and continuing on to learning AED, oxygen, CPR, triage of wounds, and other sensual services

Disaster Assessment Certification

You will help your community set up a local preparedness program and implement as well as do live streaming, speeches, and outreach events.